Nacogdoches High School’s art community is abuzz with celebration as Toni Saucedo, one of its own, achieves a remarkable feat at the 30th Annual State Visual Arts Scholastic Showcase. On April 27th, Saucedo doubled down on her senior year by submitting two original artworks for the 2024 Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE). Saucedo was honored with multiple superior ratings (IV), the highest accolade attainable at the event. 

The journey towards this remarkable achievement commenced in February, as Saucedo, along with her peers, showcased their artistic ability in regional competitions. These contests acted as the initial gateway for students to secure statewide recognition. Each artist and artwork underwent rigorous analysis before a panel of certified Texas Art Education Association jurors, allowing students to illustrate the inspirations and techniques behind their creations. Among the staggering 33,127 regional entries received, only 2,342 advanced to the state level. For Saucedo, her superior performances at the regional level guaranteed her spot at the state event.

Saucedo’s triumph holds special significance for Nacogdoches ISD, marking the first instance since 2020 that a student from the district has clinched a superior rating at the state level. The Fine Arts teachers at Nacogdoches High School expressed their profound pride in Saucedo’s accomplishment, commending her journey as an artist.

The fine arts staff at NHS are immensely proud of her,” remarked the Fine Arts faculty at Nacogdoches High.

As Saucedo’s achievements continue to resonate throughout the halls of Nacogdoches High School, her story stands as a testament to the fearless spirit of creativity, perseverance, and excellence that thrives within the school’s artistic community.