City Council is meeting Tuesday, August 15th

The city council is meeting Tuesday, August 15th to consider a number of important issues: ordering the bond election, approving the 2023-24 budget, considering a presentation by Wayne Mitchell on a path forward for the I-69 corridor, along with economic development issues.

The city has been fortunate to receive many applications from very talented people for the city manager position. After extensive exploration, questions and zoom calls, the council selected candidates for in-person interviews. The finalist applicants for the city manager position will be interviewed by council and staff on Friday, August 18th, followed by a reception at the Fredonia Hotel from 6 to 8 p.m. on Friday. You are all welcome to come to the reception.

The city council reviewed the proposed budget last week, with no new taxes proposed. Please see the details of the bond election proposal and the proposed budget in the agenda:

Thanks again to our Human Resources staff, to our administrative staff, and to all who work for the city in this heat. We appreciate you very much.

Blessings always,Kathleen