Unofficial Final Results – Nacogdoches County – 11-08-2022

Please see the unofficial final results attached below. The absolute finals will not be determined until the canvasses of the elections happen in about a week.

Brian Moreau is expected to be the winner of the Justice of the Peace Precinct 4 contest.

Liz Perry, Don Shoemaker, and Greg Fuller are expected to be the winners for Central Heights ISD.

Ronald Murdock, Teresa Weaver, and Gregory “Fig” Newton are expected to be the winners for Martinsville ISD.

There are not enough mail ballots still outstanding or provisional ballots to be resolved that would change the 3 contests mentioned above.3 Mail Ballots are still outstanding for Martinsville ISD – 0 are FPCA

1 Mail Ballot is still outstanding for Central Heights ISD – It is not FPCA

17 Mail Ballots are still outstanding for PCT 4 – 3 are FPCA meaning we will have to wait until Monday to see if any of them arrive, because they can still be counted.

4 Provisional Ballots for Precinct 4

0 Provisional Ballots for Martinsville ISD

0 Provisional Ballots for Central Height ISD