Health Inspection Report Week of 09/19/2023

The Inspection Services Department carries out the general health & safety inspections of occupancies requiring a health permit within the jurisdiction of the City of Nacogdoches. The primary function of the Health Inspector is the interpretation, inspection and field compliance efforts of the technical codes and laws. These codes and laws are Federal, State and Local. In addition the Health Inspector with support from the Inspection Services Department carries out the responsibility of data entry, account billing and record keeping.

Keep up the good work!


Russian River Apartments Swimming Pool

Reeds Fish and More Food Truck

Inspection Report

Business Demerits
Buffalo Wild Wings8
Russian River Apartments Swimming Pool0
The Californian Apartments Swimming Pool1
Taliesin Apartments Swimming Pool1
University Club Apartments West Back Pool5
University Club East Front Swimming Pool4
Cypress Ridge Apartments Swimming Pool6
Dairy Queen6
K Mini Mart #410
La Bonita Michoacana 7
Motel 6 Swimming Pool Inspection3
Reeds Fish and More Food Truck0
Subway University Drive Location2
Dollar General University Drive Location7
Lucky Stop #517
NiNi’s Fresh Donuts5