Cushing ISD Elementary and Secondary Teacher of the Year Recipients

It is my distinct honor to announce the recipients of the Cushing Independent School District’s Teacher of the Year Award.

The 2022-23 Elementary Teacher of the Year is Mrs. Tracy Crumpton. She builds meaningful relationships with all her students and those relationships continue after the students leave the elementary school. Mrs. Crumpton cares about her students’ academic, social, and emotional success. Each year, she prepares her students for the major life event of “entering the world of Junior High.” Mrs. Crumpton is a great role model for Bearkats and Galkats of all ages.

The 2022-23 Secondary Teacher of the Year is Mrs. Sheila Beddingfield. Mrs. Beddingfield is the most patient, kindhearted, and genuine teacher. She is always willing to take on any extra duty that is asked of her, and she jumps in with both feet. She can always find something good in the worst situation. You would never know if Mrs. Beddingfield is having a bad day because everything is always fine, fine, fine with her.

Mrs. Crumpton and Mrs. Beddingfield will represent Cushing ISD at the Region 7 Teacher of the Year competition starting this June.