Community Takes Action to Remediate Decades-Long Pollution Issue Threatening Nacogdoches Water Table

In the 70s the Lanana property was a dry-cleaning establishment. Chemicals were poured into the soil and have been polluting the ground ever since. There is a chance that these chemicals could be released into the ground water in the near future. This would affect the Nacogdoches Water Table as a whole, then begin affecting the properties around us, and anything downstream.

The Citizen Nac purchased the property knowing the risks because we believe that something needs to be done and the issue has been put off long enough. The problem has been looming for several decades, and the potential liability is significant.

The Citizen is committed to empowering people. Again the property was purchased with the understanding that it has a significant environmental issue. We have a solution to fix the problem, and we believe that collectively with the help our community and God, restoration can be achieved. By doing so, we collectively get to bless and heal our local community from the ground up.

As part of our effort, we are seeking to partner with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to remediate the issue. The commission has a program that specifically targets former dry-cleaner sites. They have agreed to allow us into their program. The Lord’s heart is to see communities redeemed and we believe that this agreement is just the beginning.

The project will require us to pay fees and penalties amounting to $45,000. These fees have been accrued since the program’s inception in 2008. Once these have been paid, TCEQ will begin the process of remediating the site which has a monthly fee until completion. We would like to invite you and the community to be part of this redemption story.  All proceeds (building rentals) and donations go to remediating the chemical bubble over the Nacogdoches water table and to restoring a neglected building so it can be a blessing to the community.