Christ Episcopal Church and Christ Episcopal School in Nacogdoches to Celebrate Anniversaries with Combined Event

NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS – Christ Episcopal Church and Christ Episcopal School in
Nacogdoches are excited to celebrate major anniversaries this year: the 175th anniversary of Christ Episcopal Church and the 75th anniversary of Christ Episcopal School. To mark these milestones, the two institutions will be hosting a combined event on June 10 and 11, 2023. The celebration kicks off with a reception on the evening of June 10 at Christ Episcopal School.
This will be an opportunity for adult members of the community to gather and reminisce about the impact that the church and school have had over the years. The reception will feature food, refreshments, and a special appearance of Bishop Charles Andrew Doyle. As commemoration of the congregation’s special anniversary, on June 11 at 10:30 a.m., Bishop Doyle will lead worship using a special liturgy from the 1789 Book of Common Prayer, the prayer book in use when the church was founded. The service will be followed by a reception in the church grounds and is open to all members of the community. There will be plenty of food, fun, and fellowship to enjoy, with activities for children and adults alike. “We are truly excited to celebrate these significant milestones together,” said Terry DeRise, Senior Warden. “Christ Episcopal Church and Christ Episcopal School are proud of our shared history as foundational institutions in the Nacogdoches community. Our primary mission is to shine the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ into our great city and beyond. This event will
be a wonderful opportunity for us to come together, reflect on our history, and look forward to our continued service and bright future together.” “We invite everyone in the community to join us for this celebration,” said Catherine Oliver,
Head of School at Christ Episcopal School. “We are excited to welcome all members of the community, whether they have a connection to our school or church or not. This is a chance for us to celebrate together and strengthen the bonds that make our community so special.”