Nacogdoches Arts Collaborative Update – July 2024

The current exhibition in the gallery, titled “Revisiting Nacogdoches 1938” has been a popular stroll through Nacogdoches history.  The research Jan Dobbs Barton has done for this exhibit is extensive and includes many families that continue to influence modern times.  There is one wall dedicated to “then and now” photos of  businesses and buildings that still exist and some that don’t.  The opening reception was attended by many long-time Nacogdoches faces, including Wendy Floyd, whose father appears in both the film and on the wall, and descendants of the Bright family who got to see their extended family in the film and a nice feature in the exhibit.  This show is on display through July 27.

This is the 16th anniversary of the summer theatre camp created by our director CC Conn and is scheduled for July 15-27.  Geared for students 8-14, there are acting and/or tech/design options for students.  Public performances are scheduled for Saturday, July 27 at Lamp Lite Theatre. You better hurry, registration closes July 8 or when full.  For more information go to:  

We are delighted to announce the theme and date for our next FUNd raiser Ball!  Save the date:  Saturday, October 19, 2024 and the theme will be “Speakeasy”, a roaring 20’s good time!  Get your flapper, fringe, zoot suit or Marx Brothers costumes ready.  Details to follow!

The NAC gallery is located at 411 E. Hospital Street in Nacogdoches and is open Saturdays 11-4 or by appointment.

July Artist Spotlight

If you’ve been admiring the new murals around downtown Nacogdoches, you’ve been enjoying some of the work of Dixie Rose Daniels, muralist, musician and mom of two. This Nac native sold her first painting in 2014. “It was such a surprise! I have a master’s in social work from SFA. I grew up in my family’s sign shop, so I have practical knowledge about paints and painting, but I’ve never had any formal art training.” 

Still, her skills got her a job with the city, painting the windows of vacant buildings to make them look more appealing to visitors and potential buyers.  The colorful “Faces” portraits behind the visitors center are part of that project. When those decorated buildings sold, Dixie saw the power of art to uplift and its ability to transform. Brushing Up Nac also saw Dixie’s skills and drafted her into their murals project. It’s been a fruitful match.  Restoring the iconic Coca-Cola mural downtown was a full circle moment as her father was the artist for the original image.  

Dixie, public artist is also Dixie, public performer. Currently, she is one of the dozen or so area musicians known as “The Love Pedalers,” a local band celebrating everything from original songs to classic rock to country to blues. She plays piano, ukelele, guitar and she sings, too. “We’ve played at the Fredonia Brewery. Our next gig is on July 20 at Lumberjack Harley Davidson.” They were recently featured at the Wine Swirl and the Summer Squash event.

When asked if she considered herself a painter or a musician first, she laughed. “I come from a long line of painter-musicians, believe it or not. But I have seen the transformation of our little town into a cool destination where artists come to practice their art, whatever it is. Musicians, writers, painters and other creative artists all coming together. Seems like there are more of us here every day, and that’s such a good thing. It’s clear Nacogdoches loves the arts. They are just blossoming here.”