Unofficial Combined Early Voting and Election Day Results

Election results are not final until the canvass of an election takes place.  Each entity is expected to conduct a canvass of final results by May 17th, 2023.

I believe the following candidates will be the winners for their elections as there are not enough provisional or mail ballots that could be counted to change the outcome of the winners:

City of Nacogdoches – NE Ward – Kathleen Belanger

City of Nacogdoches – NW Ward – Brad Maule

Nacogdoches ISD – Single Member District 3 – James H. Montoya

Chireno ISD – T.A. Turner and Brittney Mayhugh

City of Garrison – Darrell Lunsford and Arnie Kelley and Tim Wright

City of Appleby – Stan Fischer and Greg CaldwellOutstanding Mail Ballots

3 mail ballots for the NE Ward are still outstanding
2 mail ballots for the NW Ward are still outstanding

1 mail ballot for Chireno ISD is still outstanding

If any of these 6 mail ballots arrive in the mail by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, May 8th with a postmark of May 6th or earlier, then they will be eligible to be counted if the voters provided the required information on the carrier envelopes and the signatures match their applications.

1 NW Ward Mail Ballot voter was notified by phone that his carrier envelope was missing ID information needed in order to count his ballot.  He has until 5:00 p.m. on May 12th, 2023 to come by the Elections Office to correct his envelope.

0 mail ballots from NISD SMD 3 are still outstanding

0 mail ballots from City of Appleby are still outstanding

0 mail ballots from City of Garrison are still outstanding

There are 0 outstanding military or overseas ballots.

There is 1 Provisional Ballot for the NW Ward that I anticipate will be accepted.

There were 0 Provisional Voters for NE Ward, NISD SMD 3, City of Appleby, City of Garrison, and Chireno ISD.