The Stone Fort Museum Cum Concilio Club Historic Preservation Award

The Stone Fort Museum Cum Concilio Club Heritage Preservation Award honored our recipients Frances Adams Shofner and Rick Still at our biennial banquet at the Cole Art Center on Wednesday, November 29, 2023.  Carolyn Spears, director of the Stone Fort Museum, explained that this award was established in honor of the Cum Concilio Club’s dedication to the preservation of Nacogdoches’ rich cultural and historic landscape.  This award recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the preservation of East Texas’ history and Nacogdoches’ heritage.

Frances Shofner was recognized for her role as a leader in multiple organizations dedicated to enhancing and preserving the heritage and history of Nacogdoches.  A Nacogdoches native, she served as a board member of the Friends of Historic Nacogdoches, and personally contributed to the preservation and development of the Lanana and Banita Creek walking trails, the Christmas Tour of Homes, the Living History Of Oak Grove Cemetery and the restoration of its iron fence, and the Heritage Walk Statue Project.  Until her untimely death in 2017, Shofner devoted a lifetime to safeguarding Nacogdoches’ place in history and will be remembered for contributions to preserving her beloved hometown.

Rick Still was selected for his work in developing the Charles Bright Visitor Center exhibits.  Still served as a board member on the Nacogdoches Convention and Visitors Bureau, and has been a fierce supporter of tourism in Nacogdoches.  A lifetime collector of Nacogdoches County material culture, Still has shared his passion for history through contributions to the Stone Fort Museum, the Old University Building, as well as the Bright Visitor Center.  Still’s contributions have reached thousands of residents and heritage tourists.

Joe and Jill Still, Rick Still, Trisha and Frank Still

The Cum Concilio Club: Nancy Tipton, Becky Canty, Christy Hurst, Mary McCleary, Kathy Wright, Connie Howe, Nancy Collins, Terry Kline, Janice Ledet, Kathy Lehmann, Molly Smith,  Joanne Shofner, Nicole Alders, Diane McLain, Kalin Kendrick

The Frances Shofner family: Joanne Shofner, David Shofner,  Lee Shofner, Kathryn Shofner, Alma Ruth Shofner, Vyrne Shofner, Sue Muckleroy, Kate Shofner Marks, Sam Shofner