Live Music at Zion Hill coming up Blueberry Festival Weekend

Nacogdoches, TX – Live music will return to the Historic Zion Hill Baptist Church on Sunday, June 9th at 2:30 PM, with the eagerly anticipated concert featuring “Tater Bug Tales: Spring Band Music and Stories” by Steve & Sheryl Hartz and Mr. Jay White. This concert promises to be an unforgettable celebration of Nacogdoches’ musical heritage, coinciding with the annual Texas Blueberry Festival weekend.
Event Details:

● Date: Sunday, June 9, 2024
● Time: 2:30 PM

● Location: Historic Zion Hill Baptist Church, 324 N. Lanana St., Nacogdoches, TX
Tater Bug Tales is a heartwarming production created by Steve Hartz, reflecting on the cherished traditions of rural life and the colorful stories he has gathered over 45 years operating the General Mercantile and Oldtime String Shop in Downtown Nacogdoches. The concert will feature a blend of original compositions and timeless classics, transporting listeners to simpler times. About Steve & Sheryl Hartz: Since 1977, Steve Hartz has been building, repairing, and playing stringed instruments at the General Mercantile and Oldtime String Shop in downtown Nacogdoches. His love for musical styles and stories led to the creation of his recording company in 1998, earning a Crossroads music award for his first CD, Crooked Steep and Rocky. Steve and his wife, Sheryl, have performed old-time-style music, medicine shows, and historical re-enactment programs from East Texas to far West Texas. More recently, they have performed with Jay White, whose unique two-string washtub bass and harmonies add a special touch to their performances. “This marks the beginning of what we hope will be many concerts at Zion Hill, and we are incredibly grateful to our community partners for helping us bring live music back,” says Veronica Amoe, Histori Sites Manager. “Just as the restoration project was a collaborative effort, these concerts will bring people together, and we couldn’t be more excited.”

The concert coincides with the 34th Annual Texas Blueberry Festival, on Saturday, June 8, 2024. As the only state-sanctioned blueberry festival in Texas, this delicious annual event attracts more than 19,000 people to downtown Nacogdoches. Festival-goers can enjoy live music, blueberry picking, auto exhibits, shopping, and restaurant specials that entertain and delight people of all ages. The concert at Zion Hill
on Sunday will provide festival-goers with a full weekend of activities to enjoy in Nacogdoches. Tickets for the concert are priced at $15 and can be purchased online at, in person at the Nacogdoches Visitor Center in downtown, or at Zion Hill during operational hours. For additional information about the program, parking, and more, please visit sites. Join us for a weekend of music, history, and community spirit in Nacogdoches. For questions or additional information, please call 936-560-4441 or email