Large quantity of drugs seized in suspected human trafficking incident

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, Texas – A Tuesday-night traffic stop by Nacogdoches County Sheriff’s Office deputies resulted in numerous felony charges for three Wisconsin residents who are suspected of human trafficking. Luis Emmanuel Quevedo-Vasquez, 29, Carmen Guadalupe Diaz, 24, and Christina Soledad Soler, 32, all of Green Bay, were taken into custody in the incident, which began when a deputy pulled Diaz over
for speeding in near the intersection of Durst Street and Stallings Drive. Diaz and Quevedo-Vasquez were traveling together in a black 2009 BMW X5 SUV, and an 8-year-old child was found sleeping in the rear seat. Deputies noticed an open, empty alcoholic beverage can on the floor board. They asked Diaz’ for permission to search the vehicle, which was granted. A black duffle bag was located on the floorboard of the back seat near where the child had bee sleeping. Inside, deputies found a loaded AR-style pistol. Also stuffed into the bag were several heat-sealed packages wrapped in silver tape that tested positive as cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin. In total, 5.37 lbs of cocaine, 2.23 lbs of methamphetamine and 3.21 lbs of heroin were removed from the bag, at which point the adults were taken into custody. The value of the drugs is estimated to be in excess of $150,000. When asked about the child in the vehicle, Diaz and Quevedo-Vasquez were unable to provide a last name or the name of the child’s mother, and deputies began querying Wisconsin authorities to identify
the child and guardians. Eventually, the child’s identity was confirmed and Soler was identified as his guardian. Quevedo-Vasquez had initially provided a false identity, but his actual identity was determined while he was detained. Quevedo-Vasquez had an outstanding warrant in Wisconsin for a violent offense. With the help of Wisconsin law enforcement agencies, Soler was contacted, at which point she told deputies she was only a few hours away from Nacogdoches. Soler arrived at the Nacogdoches County
Sheriff’s Office, and had five additional children in the vehicle with her.
Based on information developed during the investigation, deputies believe the child traveling with Diaz and Quevedo-Vasquez was being used to mask the drug smuggling operation. All six children were released to Child Protective Services while a suitable guardian is found. All three suspects are charged with first-degree felonies for engaging in organized criminal activity, trafficking of persons, and state-jail felonies for abandoning/endangering a Child. Soler faces a state-jail felony for possession of a controlled substance. Diaz and Quevedo-Vasquez are each charged with two first degree felonies and one second-degree felony for possession of a controlled substance. They also each face a Class A-misdemeanor charge of
unlawful carrying of a weapon. Quevedo-Vasquez faces an additional third-degree felony for possession of a controlled substance after narcotics were found on his person, as well as a Class A-misdemeanor for failure to identify.
An Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainer has been placed on Quevedo-Vasquez as a result of being in the country illegally. This is an ongoing investigation and additional charges are possible.