“It is nice to be wanted!”

Dear Nacogdoches Friends,

I thought that when I posed for this picture that folks would say “you look a lot like George Strait or Garth Brooks”,  NOPE!  Most said that I look more like Walter Brennan or Chill Wills!

For those of you reading this that have no idea who Walter and Chill are, they were cowboy actors 50 years ago.  

This Chamber has a “most wanted list”. We want to invite those Nacogdoches County businesses not currently members to join this coalition of outstanding businesses.  

The more businesses that join the more resources we have to help increase the attractiveness for investment. 

We offer promotion through our publications and social media; representation through our advocacy initiative and government relations program; business education with our many seminars that are offered; and networking opportunities with our events including ribbon cuttings, Eggs & Issues and Alive After Five events.

TO QUOTE UNCLE SAM:  “We want you!” if you are not currently a member of the Nacogdoches County Chamber of Commerce!

Here is the link to sign up as a new member of the Nacogdoches County Chamber of Commerce:

Click here to Join the Chamber