Intoxicated Suspect Arrested for Assaulting Officer and Resisting Arrest in Nacogdoches Incident

June 19, 2023

Nacogdoches, TX – In a recent incident that unfolded at the Cason Monk Trailer located at 6818 North Street, law enforcement officers responded to a report of a suspicious person. The situation escalated as the subject, who appeared to be intoxicated, resisted arrest and assaulted an officer. The suspect has since been taken into custody and is facing multiple charges.

The incident occurred between 07:23:53 and 07:38:00 on June 19, 2023. Prompted by a report of a suspicious individual, officers swiftly arrived at the scene. The North Street location, known as Cason Monk Trailer, is a single-story brick shop with a store front and attached mechanic bays. It accommodates a large parking lot in the front and a secure storage lot in the back.

Upon locating the subject, who exhibited clear signs of intoxication, the officers attempted to place the individual under arrest. However, the suspect resisted their efforts and launched an assault on one of the officers during the process. In response, law enforcement successfully apprehended the assailant and promptly transported them to the Nacogdoches Law Enforcement Center (NLEC) for holding.

The suspect now faces charges under Texas Penal Code sections 22.01 (Assault Public Servant, F3), 28.03 (Resist Arrest Search or Transport, MA), and 49.02 (Public Intoxication, MC). These charges reflect the severity of the incident and the individual’s actions.

Law enforcement agencies are actively investigating the incident, ensuring that justice is served and the safety of the public is upheld. Further updates regarding this case will be made available as the investigation progresses.