Health Inspection Report Week of 8/19/2022

The Inspection Services Department carries out the general health & safety inspections of occupancies requiring a health permit within the jurisdiction of the City of Nacogdoches. The primary function of the Health Inspector is the interpretation, inspection and field compliance efforts of the technical codes and laws. These codes and laws are Federal, State and Local. In addition the Health Inspector with support from the Inspection Services Department carries out the responsibility of data entry, account billing and record keeping.

Keep up the good work!


Raising Cain’s

Inspection Report

Business AddressDemerits
Morgan Oil Fuel Stop Convenience Store4919 NW Stallings Dr.6
Morgan Oil Fuel Stop Deli 4919 NW Stallings Dr.5
TA Express2615 N. Stallings6
Denny’s2615 N. Stallings Dr. Suite 1027
Motel 6 Lodgings4809 NW. Stallings Dr.3
Motel 6 Swimming Pool 4809 NW. Stallings Dr.6
The Overlook Apts Swimming Pool 11602 Cardinal Drive2
The Overlook Apts Swimming Pool 21602 Cardinal Drive2
Ocean Buffet3613 N. St.13
Brick Maze Swimming Pool 2805 N. Street Suite DPool Closed
Lucky Stop #11228 Douglass Road13
IHOP4117 North St.9
Raising Cane’s1831 N Street.0
Chilis Grill and Bar 1911 North Street3
Chevy Chase Apt Swimming Pool1710 East Starr2
The Cabana Swimming Pool200 North St.1
The Terrace Swimming Pool 200 N Fredonia2
King Tacos4010 South St.5