Health Inspection Report Week of 10/10/2022

The Inspection Services Department carries out the general health & safety inspections of occupancies requiring a health permit within the jurisdiction of the City of Nacogdoches. The primary function of the Health Inspector is the interpretation, inspection and field compliance efforts of the technical codes and laws. These codes and laws are Federal, State and Local. In addition the Health Inspector with support from the Inspection Services Department carries out the responsibility of data entry, account billing and record keeping.

Keep up the good work!


Casa Del Bayou Food Truck

MaMa Cs Terayaki Food Truck

Mike Moses Elementary School

Inspection Report

Business AddressDemerits
JP’s Lil Cajun Kitchen 2709 Westward Dr.14
McMichael Middle School Cafeteria4330 SE Stallings Dr.1
Nijaya 3205 North University Dr. 6
Brookshire Brothers1216 South Street6
Brookshire Brothers Deli & Bakery1216 South Street7
Brookshire Brothers Dairy 1216 South Street2
Brookshire Brothers Meat Market1216 South Street3
Brookshire Brothers Produce1216 South Street2
NHS Cafeteria4310 Appleby Sand Rd3
CCs Smokehouse2709 Westward Dr.7
Dollar Tree118 North Stallings Drive1
Burger King 2921 North Street8
Nacogdoches Senior Center Kitchen 1601 West Austin2
Casa Del Bayou Food TruckOld Town Rig Down Event0
MaMa Cs Terayaki Food TruckOld Town Rig Down Event0
Ur Chef BBQ Food TruckOld Town Rig Down Event1
Fat Boys Food Truck Old Town Rig Down Event1