Cushing ISD Superintendent Speaks Out: Texas State Funding for Public Education Inadequate

Since 2019, the basic allotment for school funding in Texas has remained stagnant at $6,160 per student. During that same time, the costs to purchase instructional materials, supplies, and other necessary commodities has increased by as much as 17%. At Cushing ISD, we have spent 9% more this year for the same amount of insurance, fuel, and cleaning supplies as we did last year. Costs are increasing drastically, and there is an immediate need for an equal increase in funding.

  Texas ranks 44th nationally in per student spending; despite this, our teachers have been able to provide an educational experience that ranks in the top 20 nationally. Any decrease in funding, which is happening due to rapid inflation, will undoubtedly lead to a decrease in services and opportunities for students.

  The public education funding currently being proposed by the 88th legislature includes an increase in basic allotment of only $90 per student for next year and an additional $50 per student for the following year. To put this in perspective, schools are spending 17% more to sustain a quality education but revenue would only increase by 2%. This is unacceptable and cannot be allowed to happen without the united opposition by students, parents, teachers, and supporters of public education in Texas.

  On behalf of the students, staff, community, and Board of Trustees of Cushing ISD, I call on our elected legislators to adequately fund our schools. We have continuously exceeded the financial and academic hurdles placed before us despite the inadequate funding. We will not continue to remain silent and witness the erosion and decay of our schools. I stand united with my peers across the state and demand public education funding that supports a strong and sustainable educational system for Texas children.


Dr. Brandon Enos

Proud Superintendent and Lead-Learner of Cushing ISD