Beth Higgins Obituary Obituary

June 28, 1963 ~ April 15, 2024

60 Years Old


Life was forever changed for those that knew Beth Ann Higgins at the announcement of her passing on Monday, April 15th, 2024, after a 28 year battle with an autoimmune liver disease. A Rusk, Texas native who brightened the lives of everyone she knew, Beth lived a life full of love. She was a true, one-of-a-kind soul that was born to be a Mama, not only to her beloved daughter Bre’Ann, but to all those around her. Without fear or pause Beth charged forward, even when others would have turned back; she didn’t hesitate to face the challenge of the unknown. Her values of hard work, kindness, integrity, bravery, and love were well-known. She was truly the best of us.
 Born in Rusk in 1963, Beth was the youngest child of four and the only daughter of Bess (née Sartain) & Maurice Genon Higgins. A lifelong resident of Rusk from the time of her birth, it was next to impossible to get Beth Ann to leave her hometown, much like a butterfly to a flower.
Beth adored her family. She was a daddy’s girl through and through. Once her father passed, she stayed in Rusk to continue to offer support to her mother in her time of need. Grateful for her roots having been planted deep, she was able to see her mother remarry, gaining a stepfather whom she loved and adored as well.
After graduating from Rusk High School in 1981 Beth continued her education at Tyler Junior College & The University of Texas at Tyler, earning both her Associate and Bachelor’s degrees in Criminal Justice. The first in her family to attend and graduate college, Beth was an avid promoter of the importance of higher education. She was also a lifetime band nerd dating back to her days in the Rusk Jr. High & Rusk High School bands, playing the clarinet and talking about the Bay City Rollers and the beauty that was Donny Osmond.
Beth took anyone who walked into her home for the raising: children, people, and pets were no stranger to her kindness. She kept extra food for all who entered, especially for cats due in part to a relative once saying that when she passed, she would want to come back as a Higgins cat because there was no better life to have.
In February of 1996 Beth became the one thing she wanted to be most: a mother. To anyone who knew both Beth and her daughter Bre’Ann they knew the bond that they shared was a once in a lifetime occurrence. A copycat of her mother, Bre’ took on all the qualities that her mother possessed: stubbornness, wit, determination, and unwavering love just to name a few. Bre’ was her carbon copy in every way. To be taken in by Beth was to feel true, maternal love. Throughout her time as Band Booster President, Beth was able to provide love and support to all those in need, always providing snacks and a place to feel cared for. Especially in her role as the unofficial Twirler Mama with her MacGyver bag of tricks. No costume rip went left unsewn or armpit unshaven. Many of Beth’s “kids” were brought to her by her daughter and, thankfully, most of them never left. She would often be found giving life advice to the kiddos brought through her door. But Beth also knew how to make sure her daughter and friends were having

fun. Once while Bre’Ann was in high school, Beth helped carry out an elaborate prank by turning off the electricity in the house and helping to scare all her daughter’s friends. Although Beth valued her education and career, her greatest achievement was that of being a mother.
 To have known Beth was to love her. She was a human juggernaut of thoughtfulness and kindness and devoted herself to making sure her family and friends were always showered in love and respect. Never asking for anything in return, Beth was the epitome of altruism and motherly love.
Beth had a supernatural memory and a passion for telling stories. No subject, large or small, was off limits, and she could recall intricate details from events going back decades. Friends and family were always impressed by Beth’s uncanny ability to recall in perfect detail every event she had ever witnessed. A Cinephile at heart, Beth would remember the smallest details of a movie seen decades prior and had the ability to remember any actor’s name without hesitation.
In the broadest sense, Beth embodied all the things we humans aspire to. She was talented yet humble. She was hard-working yet tireless. She expected the best from herself yet accepted others as they came, without judgment. She faced many monumental battles throughout her life but she always faced challenges head on without hesitation. She gave gifts without thought of receiving gifts in return. Beth was like a lighthouse, guiding anyone who would follow her light into becoming a better parent, a better friend, and a better person.
Beth was universally loved, and she made friends effortlessly and often. With deep regret, so many of us must now say “see you later” to Beth Ann, though she’ll live on in the hearts of all who knew her forever. Much like precious gems, authentic originals such as Beth are rare in this lifetime, and her friends and family glowed in the brilliant light she shined on us. Beth inspired us with her strength and bravery, and all of us were so lucky to have her in our lives. A lionhearted warrior tasked with more than a normal person should have ever been in one lifetime, Beth fought bravely to the end, never wavering in her faith, as a true woman of Christ.
Beth is predeceased by her father Maurice Genon Higgins, her mother Janie Bess Sartain, her brother Jerry Ronald Higgins, all of her aunts & uncles, many cousins, and beloved critters. She is survived by her daughter Bre’Ann Elizabeth Higgins, her family Susan Washburn, Nancy & Junior Washburn, Mark Washburn, Joel Washburn, Dale Smith, and Rhonda Chapmon, as well as her chosen family: Erin Sollars & Andrew Sollars, Casey Abernathy & Joshua Glover, Aaron & Kayla Patterson, Joely & Steve Causey, Tassa New, and Tevia Loeser.

Funeral services will be announced at a later date.

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