Another group of students from Japan arrived this week in Nacogdoches and will spend time at two NISD campuses.

Middle school and high school students from Ikueikan Junior High and High School are from Kagoshima City located on the island of Kyushu of Japan. On Wednesday, the high school students were touring NHS where they will attend classes with host students in Nacogdoches, while the junior high students were at NISD’s McMichael Middle School.

The arrivals from Ikueikan overlapped with students visiting from Amami, Japan, who were set to return home Oct. 11.

The relationship between Nacogdoches and the two Japanese communities began in 1993 and at first included Stephen F. Austin State University. In October of 2018, the communities celebrated the 25th anniversary of the program where students from the two countries visit their counterparts.

At NHS, the Ikueikan students will attend classes with their hosts. On Thursday, among other activities, they will make presentations on Japanese culture, spend time in a NHS forensic science class, visit the culinary arts and attend a pep rally.

The Ikueikan students will return home to Kagoshima City on Wednesday, Oct. 18.

Japanese students visit with NHS students in a CTE class.

Student peeks through glass to look in on automotive class.